Freeminds MENA

Freeminds is a specialized provider for all research solutions and consulting services to the business community in the MENA region. Freeminds was launched in 2010. Experience in more than 40 categories & 20 countries in MENA region. Freeminds is able to handle quantitative and qualitative research studies to provide the ideal solution to your business’s problem. Freeminds relies on specialized experts, permanents and associates and also on a local experimented staff required for the realization of all type of studies.

Why Us

  • Most of our work are from international research agencies who scrutinize our field quality systems more closely than most clients do we are the research “agency’s research agency”
  • You get more senior attention and involvment.
  • We have a large backroom of solid field network & quality control systems
  • More insightful actionable finding & advice
  • Our advice’s are built on solid field quality
  • We first understand your needs, we then build research up from first principles-entirely tailor-made, we do not fit your need into ready made solutions