Huge potential opportunities in biotechnology and healthcare are expected to make the growth of the augmented reality market over the forecast period.

Augmented Reality is present a new way to engage and expand the abilities of retailers. The possibilities of augmented reality are endless, especially when combined with the wireless technology, which makes the integration between mobile devices and home devices, in order to enhance the connected experience for the end users.

The generation of smart phones and other devices do job of immersing us in digital experiences. Augmented reality takes a route different by magnifying our physical surroundings by enriching them with digital data patterns.

The advances augmented reality will be dominated by the creative industry. Given the immersive experience that AR is renowned for, video games, entertainment, and even a remotely associated retail industry would also adopt it.

Augmented reality as a technology uses the user’s environment and applied in the digital or virtual content or information over it to represent immersive digital experience in real-time environment. It’s a computer-generated 3D environment, which completely include the end user in the artificial world without expose to the real-world. AR applications are deployed in specific 3D environment that enable users to integrate digital content / contextual in the real world for specific time. Virtual reality offers realistic user experience in artificial world for the simulated interactive environment.

Increase the uses of smartphones & technological connected devices in many application and development of the computer gaming technology which increase the augmented and virtual reality market growth.

Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence technology allows the computer to understand what they are seeing from cameras they are essential to the operation of AR, allowing objects in the field of vision to be identified and labeled.

Augmented Reality these days are using also in education and surgery education, as they can take the training without take the risk in the real world.