After many attempts to find treatment to Coronavirus, Scientist found that virus infect cells with ACE2 receptors then immune cells which produce antibodies and viral protiens. The antibodies and red blood cells generated immune hemolysis.

 Resultant hemoglobin has four separate heme groups that can bind a molecule of O2 through their iron atom. Heme bond with iron will be broken result in inability of hemoglobin molecule to carry oxygen or carbon dioxide.

The lung cells will be filled with poisons result in extreme inflammation due to inability of lung to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Scientists try to inhibit dissociation of iron bonded to heme by using choloroquine. There are many clinical trials are being carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of choloroquine.

You can support your immune system during this period by following healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables, protein foods and whole grains.

You should have a food rich in vitamin C in your meal daily.