When we define segmentation we should linked it to customer and how we categorized the customers related to many factors like demographic which is related to age, gender, residence, city ethnicity, composition, all that can categorized the demographic depending on them. 

It could be classified depending on the usage of the product and in which reason they used the product to get them benefits, that’s what call inbound marketing which is now an important component. 

And also depending on the socioeconomic factors which is be de-greed by the income and in which club you are going, brands preferences, neighborhood relations type of car brand you own, all that can be linked with customer preferences which is linked to lifestyle and outgoing places.

What is Market Segmentation  

Market segmentation is handling market research in order to knowing more about customer behavior. 

Customer like to feel unique so as long as he will feel unique and the ads or the product is customized for him individually, that will make him feel unique and satisfied. 

So for the Uniqueness feeling the segmentation can cover this part and do it well. 

The market segmentation is much easily defined by analyze properties of consumers. 

Market researcher know about what is unique for consumer , they know why the product market  how to recruit the ads in a useful way. 

Market segmentation created by defining and collecting different properties of consumers. 

Segmentation is the process of dividing potential markets or consumers into specific groups.  

When we analyzing Market research by segmentation technique it used marketing effort. It give us a decision makers efficient gain while focuse their  efforts and resources on the most market segmentation is most suitable.