There are pre-step should be undergoing before organizing the event which is Market Research for the event, for knowing wither there will be audience interesting with the topic of the event or not also if the number of audience are reliable to be collected from this area and if the timing if the most suitable time for conducting the event or not.

Analysis in Market Research

If you are intending to conduct an event so you have to make analysis in your audience and knowing about them.

Knowing how are your target audience them age, life style, gender, job title industry country, qualification and the interests and liking.

All that will help you target exactly your audience in an effective way.

Also knowing about the culture if your event will help in knowing if that event theme are suitable for that area or not also the religion are very important to know about it.

All that collected information will give you hint about whats the most desired place, time, and theme for your event to do will.

And also you will know about the expectations of your audience from attending your event and what they will gain from your agenda.

Market Research for competitors

One of the most important topic to know about when doing market research is knowing about the competitors found in the same area and same industry

Knowing about why people attend the event and what they gain , how they promote for them events, the marketing plans they are doing to achieve them audience, the theme of the event and activates done in them.

Also you should attend the event to know more details about how they execute the event.

The arranging of seats, the sound and screen system, the buffet program even about how they take photos.

At the end we found that event events need to undergo to target its audience in effective way.