From the begin of 2019 Marketing role considered as a main factor of business improvement. The two factors that effect the creation of the customer presence are innovation and marketing. Clearly most business leaders embrace innovation as the lifeblood of their companies today; however marketing go to be centric for staff driven and cost.  In many businesses the evaluation of marketing on it can cause opportunity loss and lateness on its revenue.

As marketing now talked by numbers and tangible effect in business so it considered as the most important factor now days in order to achieve desired success. The products are toward innovations and ideas and technology which been into each small details in our life.  The presence of the innovation is very important however its cant bear alone the business without the support of marketing.

Decline phase on Marketing Process

Alternative of being with valued to be business driver of the growth, marketing has stand in the last years.

Marketing when we stand to build its budgets have degree for the average from its company revenue.

The marketing control somehow on reaching the decline phase for each product and reach the marketing dead, however when used the marketing to predict and forecast of the artificial intelligence growth and enlargement. When we decide to use artificial intelligence and they expect to use predictive charts and analysis to introduce it in beneficial information which help them deciding what will be them next step in the market and them business and also it helps on understanding the competitors on the same industry and also it target the same segmentation which you worked on it. So the mony which go to the marketing channel get back and more with its valuable benefits.

So it’s not surprising that companies are cutting back on marketing.  Marketing as we’ve known it in recent years has lost its power and will likely continue to decline.  But if business leaders want to thrive in today’s cluttered, competitive, in the same marketplace, they need to unleash the powerful potential of marketing.