The traditional marketing research trends are evolving to reach the needs of consumers. With the ever-changing consumer behavior and new technologies, marketers are adopting innovative marketing strategies to meet customer expectations.

Some of these trends are:

1-Turing to Mobile friendly.

With the advent of mobile phones, marketers have had to take a new approach to market research.

As mobile phones became more and more popular, marketing researchers had to find new ways of reaching consumers. Mobile has a great advantage over other methods because it is always with the consumer.

Market researchers now have access to information about how consumers use their phones, what they purchase in-store, and what their shopping habits are.

Mobile is now one of the most popular mediums for market research because it provides constant feedback on how people behave.

2- The evolution of Qualitative Research.

The rise in the number of qualitative research studies being conducted is largely due to the changing nature of society.

While it is true that qualitative research has been around for many years, there has been a dramatic increase in its popularity.

More and more people are conducting qualitative research each year. This can largely be attributed to the rise of digital technologies and globalization.

Qualitative research studies are becoming increasingly popular because they provide much deeper insight into what consumers think about a product or service before making a purchase.

3- Artificial Intelligence’s Role in marketing research.

There are four major uses of AI that marketing research can benefit from. The first is in the analysis of data to generate insights. The second is in the creation of data that would not have been found otherwise.

The third is in automating and scaling marketing research processes, and finally, it helps with the presentation of insights to a human audience.

Marketing research has become more difficult for firms due to two factors: high costs and increasing time constraints.

With these two problems combined, agencies are looking for alternate solutions that will allow them to reduce the time it takes to get results as well as improve their ability to analyze data.

Artificial intelligence can help with this by assisting with workflows such as automation and analysis, allowing agencies more time to focus on analyzing insights or building relationships with clients for future.

4-Data Science.

Market research is a science and it needs data to be successful.

Data science has made it even easier for marketers to be able to analyze data and find trends that would have been impossible before.

Marketers now have access to the tools that give them more insight into the performance of specific campaigns, products, and marketing messages than ever before.

Data science has enabled marketers to frame their questions in such a way as to get the answers they need quickly and efficiently.

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