Pharmacovigilance which monitor the effect of licensed drugs after used by patients and for the drugs identify and evaluate unreported adverse effect reactions, patient support programs which is patient centric and personalized in its system and pharmacovigilance , many pharmaceuticals companies apply several times in year the patient support program which is a very important events happen now days, So other companies need to have a stop and recognize where is from the market.

A patient support program is a developed system a marketer start to collect and accept data and information related to herbal medicine.

Surveys of patients and healthcare providers be collected on compliance of the patient’s scheme.

So the information started being collected in a way much more relevant to marketing and business atmosphere.

Patient support programs introduce more than one benefit to the patient in the prescribed medication and in managing them diseases by modifying them lifestyle according to them medication case and in understanding them case by giving them more awareness and knowledge about them diseases in a clear way.

And finally it helps them in financially way either in the prescribed drug or in the analysis them case need or in the diagnosis itself.

Patient support program are created to assist in improving adherence and compliance.

The reasons which may affect the degree of adherence may be related to many factors like the patient may forget the topic or the cost they afford or they feel there is no benefits they gain and in some times they are attached to general advice.