Marketing Research is your solid ground for decision-makers, so before you conduct marketing research for your business you have to know more about research methodologies.

Qualitative Research:

Qualitative research is an exploratory type of research that depends on the collection of verbal, behavioral, and observational data that can be interpreted subjectively.

The qualitative method investigates the why and how of decision making, not just what, where, when.

Qualitative research methods:

  1. Focus groups
  2. In depth interview (IDI)
  3. Shop along
  4. In home visit
  5. Case study

Quantitative Research:

Quantitative research encompasses methods such as questionnaires, structured observations, and experiments, which are in contrast to qualitative research.

It’s important to survey people in fairly large numbers and to make sure they are a representative sample of your target market.

Quantitative research methods:

  1. Computer assistant personal interview (CAPI)
  2. Computer assistant telephone interview (CATI)
  3. Computer assistant Web interview (CAWI)

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