To increase your chances of weight maintenance after a diet, plan to reach your goal weight. make slow modifications to your lifestyle and you will see the effects on the scale.

It is a good time to know eating habits and exercise patterns during dieting so that you can maintain for the long term. If you substitute a healthy diet habits with a healthy lifestyle habits, you will prevent weight regain.

Researchers found that dieters who keep the weight off for good are those who follow a low-fat diet with high amount of fruits and vegetables.

Habits to Help Your body Maintain Your Weight

The habits below will help you to move from the dieting phase to the maintenance phase. To improve your chances of permanent weight-loss success, try to apply these habits to your lifestyle.

 The dieters should lose no more than one to two kilograms per week.

 It  allows the dieters to learn new eating habits that will protect their weight loss in the long run. Once reaching your goal weight, the worst thing you can do is repeating your old eating habits.  Try to remember that those habits that caused the weight gain. experts generally suggest adding only 200 calories per week until your weight becomes stable.

Stay connected to the same people who supported you in the dieting process will help you maintain your weight loss.

Continue to motivate yourself with new goals. Achieving your goals will help you keep your confidence level high. Try to do moderate exercise for 30 or 60 minutes every day to keep both your body and mind healthy. your breakfast must be rich with whole grains and a lean source of protein.

Weigh yourself once a week. Studies proved that checking your weight on a regular basis is a habit shared by people who successfully keep their weight off. Try to do regular appointments with  healthcare team. The healthcare provider will able to measure body fat percentage and can evaluate your BMI to make sure that  numbers stay healthy. They will be able to identify health issues that arise when body shape changes.